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Trafalgar Studios

"What's a free telephone, when there are no private words?"

Moscow, now. A small flat. One family, three generations, the same hangover. Life after communism is utterly different and yet somehow eerily familiar. Petya's dodging the draft, Sasha's jumping with every ring of the bell, Ivan' s brought a mysterious stranger home, and now their guest Thomas is asking questions. Who do you trust? The state may not be spying on you, but can you say the same for your nearest and dearest?

Following on from its sell-out run at the Old Red Lion Theatre, Chris Foxon, D.E.M. Productions, & Belka Productions presented the West End transfer of this funny and moving portrayal of life in Russia's new society. Tracing the legacy of communism, Donkey Heart asked what a modern Russia stands for, as the deep bruise of history, once hidden, now works its way to the surface.

Produced by: Chris Foxon, Ramin Sabi & Oliver King

Director: Nina Raine

Set Designer: James Turner

Lighting Designer: Peter Mumford

Music & Sound Designer: Alex Caplen

Cast: Patrick Godfrey,  Lisa Diveney, Paul Wyett, Alex Large, Pierre Atri / Albie Marber, Georgia Henshaw, James Musgrave,  Amanda Root, Emily Bruni

★★★★★  "A brilliant comedy... Don't miss it." - The Upcoming

★★★★     "There's a terrific, bickering, bustling energy, & drop-dead humour." - The Independent

★★★★     "Excellent... A great start to the new writing year." - Arts Desk 

★★★★     "Eloquent, heartfelt...too many gorgeous performances to list." - Time Out 

★★★★     "Funny, touching... remarkable" - The Telegraph

★★★★     "A superb cast...original, quirkily charming." - Evening Standard

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