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Vault Festival, Edinburgh Festival, North Wall

Having lunch. One would’ve thought it terribly easy... a high-octane series of musical comedy vignettes asking that vital question: what is it that really happens at Lunch? From the fashionable perils of adequate dog size, to an ill-fortuned death in Knightsbridge and the doomed travails of a duck called Susan. 

Song, searing relevance and that rather lovely feeling one gets when you manage to grab a hold of the very last saucisson sec in the charcuterie aisle of the Fulham Waitrose.

Written and Performed By: Luke Courtier

★★★★★ The Good Review ‘a hilarious hour' 

★★★★ Broadway Baby

★★★★ Hellou 

‘Luke Courtier sprays absurdist tangentials out from behind his six-string like Willy Wonka throwing WHAM! bars to us from out of the back of a Nissan Sunny 1.5 SGL.’ - The Huffington Post

You better pay attention, lest the rapid-fire jokes fly over your head ... there’s impressive musicality, textbook timing and the deadest of deadpan deliveries in a show that’s smartly scripted and well directed. Go see Luke Courtier.  - The Sunday Times​

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