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Requiem for Aleppo is an intensely personal response by the creator and composer David Cazalet to the tragedy of Aleppo. Below is David’s opening speech for our premiere at Sadler’s Wells, April 2017.



Sadler's Wells, International Tour

Requiem for Aleppo brought together dancers from across the world. The original music was a combination of Requiem Mass lyrics set to choral music, linked by Arabic poetry from the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. This represented the richness and diversity of Aleppo’s musical heritage, with the score interwoven throughout with people from Aleppo telling their stories. The voices are from young and old and represent all parts of society, their testament is designed to get to the human tragedy beyond the politics.

Ensuring Aleppo remains in the public consciousness

Creator, Composer: David Cazalet

Choreographer: Jason Mabana

Writer in Charge of Testimony: Ben Faccini

Scenic Design Concept: Yoav Segal

Costume and Set Design: Shanti Freed

Lighting Designer: Andrej Gubanov

Production Manager and Design build: Marius Arnold-Clarke

General Management: Wild Yak




"An expression of grief articulated in movement,

song and testimony... a refusal to play silent witness

to a humanitarian crisis."


Broadway Baby

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