by Aeschylus
in a version by David Greig, with music by John Browne
First Produced by the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, on 1st October 2016

11-14 NOVEMBER 2021, Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury 


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The Telegraph

Seen at major festivals around the world to huge acclaim, The Suppliant Women now comes to the Gulbenkian Arts Centre, the start of an epic journey.

“If we help, we invite trouble. If we don’t, we invite shame.”

Fifty women leave everything behind to board a boat in north Africa and flee across the Mediterranean. Escaping forced marriage, they hope for protection and seek asylum in Greece.

Written 2,500 years ago, this is one of the world’s oldest plays. At its heart, a powerful chorus of young women drawn from Kent, arguing for their lives, speak to us with startling contemporary resonance.

An extraordinary theatrical event, full of music and movement, The Suppliant Women is part play, part ritual, part theatrical archaeology. It offers an electric connection to the deepest and most mysterious ideas of humanity – who are we, where do we belong and, if it all goes wrong, who will take us in?

This is first part of an epic cycle of plays. 

Photography by Stephen Cummiskey and trailer by Alex Raptatasios from the 2016 production of The Suppliant Women


The Suppliant Women opens a cycle of four plays by Aeschylus, first performed in Athens in 463 BC. It’s one of the earliest Greek plays to have survived. Sadly, the other three plays, The Egyptians, Danaids and the satyr play Amymone, have been lost.


In December 2017, director Ramin Gray and composer John Browne staged a new production of The Suppliant Women at Konzerttheater Bern in Switzerland with a community chorus of 28 local women.


Following the Swiss production, The Suppliant Women was staged in the UK during 2016 and 2017 at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh and the Young Vic, London. Renowned Scottish playwright David Greig created a new version of the play, following a literal translation to ensure maximum fidelity to the original.


For the UK tour two professional actors, one chorus leader and two musicians worked with newly created community choruses at each venue. The music comprised percussion and the haunting sound of the aulos, the twin pipes on which all classical theatre was accompanied. This was the first Greek production to be heard with the aulos since antiquity. The production then toured to The Dublin Theatre Festival and Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Wild Yak and newly form company, The Foreign Office, are currently re-staging The Suppliant Women at The Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. This production will then be available for international touring.  

In addition we have also begun work to recreate the final three plays in the Danaid tetralogy, starting with the two remaining plays in The Suppliant Women trilogy – The Egyptians and Danaids. Since only fragments remain, the plays will be reconstructed through a workshop process supported by some of the world’s leading classical scholars, arts organisations and practitioners.


Once the development process is completed, we will rehearse and stage the entire trilogy, alongside the revival of The Suppliant Women, around the world. We will then complete the tetralogy with the satyr play Amymone.

For more information on our plans to recreate the trilogy, or for booking enquiries for any of the productions, please email