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Documentary Film

"Some agonies are beyond telling and some must be told”  Euripides​​

'The World to Hear' was premiered in 2018 at The Glasgow Film Festival and thereafter at the London Independent Documentary Film Festival. 

Created by documentary Director Charlotte Ginsburg and Anatole Sloan, the film follows the Queens of Syria cast during their 2016 UK tour. It documents the women’s reactions to Britain, and the response of British audiences to the play. Elegiacally shot, the film shows the heart of what it means to become a refugee and the feelings of loss, sadness, and anger it engenders.​

The film is in both Arabic with sub-titles and English. Although 'The World to Hear' is a stand-alone documentary, it also serves as a sequel to the multi-award winning 2014 documentary 'Queens of Syria', as it follows the same group of women as they take their play on tour. 

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